Connecting Water Consumers
with Delivery Services

H2Go is a mobile based solution which improves bulk tanker water delivery services for the most vulnerable and underserved people in cities around the world

200 million people in cities globally lack access to a secure drinking water source.  H2Go is working to connect these people to bulk water providers using mobile technology.

  • Transparency and Reliability

    Water consumers will not have to wait around all day for their water to arrive.  H2Go allows them to schedule orders and spend more time at work or with their family.

    Transparent pricing from suppliers ensures that consumers do not pay more than the fair market price for bulk water delivery.  

  • Smart Technology

    Water delivery companies can track their vehicles, push orders to drivers remotely, and cluster orders to reduce operating expenses.

  • Robust Routing Algorithm

    Delivery trucks will save time and money by avoiding traffic hot spots and scheduling around rush hour jams.  Companies can serve more people with the same trucks, and decrease idling reduces exhaust for these vehicles, benefiting the environment.  


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Upon delivery, pay using mobile money or cash and rate your satisfaction with the delivery service

Bulk Tanker Delivery

Improved Delivery Services

Securing Drinking Water

For Over 200 Million People Globally

Mobile Based Solution

Maximum Flexibility

Routing Algorithm

Maximum Efficiency

“I feel chained to my tap and don't want to leave the house.”

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